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Oct 2, 2013 8:00pm EDT
quote the intelligence law. those law lack any substantial public reporting requirements. how many information are being collected. it doesn't have to tell americans how many of their investigate is actually seen by national security officials. what is more the companies that
Al Jazeera America
Oct 3, 2013 2:30am EDT
. if i was going to sum it up, basically, the law requires on one insurance regulations it requires insuresers to cover more service without charging people co-pays. it limits how much money they can spend on over head. there's a couple of other the regulations and the second major part of it is the extension to a lower income it expands medicaid for very low income and also provides marketplaces where people are low to moderate income can go and can buy plan and get insurance to help pay for it. there are a lot of other provisions and that's probably the biggest part. >> what are the opponents of the affordable care act is coverage for young adults. breakdown how that's different. what that offers young people now. >> before the law was passed, a lot of young people didn't have insurance coverage. for sort of obvious reasons. they don't have to think about folks. the law will now require everyone to have cove trapblg startin coveragestarting in january. are the young people going to enroll in the law. are they going to pay for something that they haven't had the to pay for before.
Oct 5, 2013 10:00am EDT
decided that he needed to uphold the law while not expanding federal power, and he succeeded in squaring that circle with the ruling hinging on a head-scratching tax on inactivity, a piece of legislation no congress would have passed. >> the sad thing about this code is that the chief didn't have to do what he did to save the court. obamacare has always been unpopular, particularly the individual mandate, which even a number of democrats in a national poll thought was unconstitutional. for another, he damaged his own reputation after warnings from pundits and politicians that striking down the law would be conservative judicial activism. most importantly, the whole reason we care ant the court's independence so it can make the tough calls while letting the political chips fall where they may. had the court struck down obamacare, it would have been just the sort of thing for which the court needs all that accrued respect and gravitas. instead, we have a strategic decision dressed up in legal robes. i'm reminded of the 1966 film "a man for all seasons" in which richard rich purges himself
Sep 28, 2013 9:30am PDT
responsible for the law cabin. the jury chose to followup on the report on law cabin issued by the 2010, 2011 civil grand jury which in the main applauded seen at the ranch. one of the ranch was a expansion as a camp. however the city has deferred long term development of law cabin. in 2012 the juvenile probation made a presentation to the planning committee which outline capital needs for law cabin and master plan. our jury found others before the ranch for years have been kept alive just barely. we had no vision for the future. our committee visited law cabins -- it was welcomed by the staff. we talked with counselors and teachers and resident and we were impressed to create facilities preparing these men for productive citizens but we saw how difficult it could be to strengthen these programs with its current low population has been difficult. in interviews with community we heard biases against law cabins. they prevail and that results in decisions to place juvenile offenders throughout of state and out of state. we had some recommendations. i'll focus on the ones -- they're all
Oct 2, 2013 8:00pm EDT
quote this law that are the targets of terrorist communications. what we are doing we are not creating social networks. we are doing that and the insinuation that we are doing that is flat wrong. i take exception to that. taking a classified document that dealt with foreign
Sep 29, 2013 12:15am EDT
and politicians striking down the law would be conservative judicial activism. most importantly, the reason we care about the court's independence is so it can make the tough call white letting the political chips fall where they may. had the court struck down obamacare it would have been a sort of thing which the court needs the crude respect. instead we have a strategic decision addressed -- dressed in legal robes. i'm reminded of the film "a man for all seasons" a lawyer perjuries himself so the crown can secure sir thomas moore's treason conviction. he is promoted to attorney general of whales. upon learning of the con connivance -- to give his soul for the whole world but whales. well, in refraining from making that hard strike call he discussed in the conformation hearing, john roberts sold out the law for less than whales. therefore by showing why we don't want our judges playing politics. here to tell us all about this sort of tail is josh blackman. an assistant professor of law at south texas college of law who specializes in constitutional law, the supreme court, and the intersection
Sep 29, 2013 12:00pm EDT
opinion, it surely elevates above all other interest the right of law-abiding responsible citizens to use arms in defense of heart and home. so you would think it would have been straightforward in 20113 years later for you to distort and firing guns. tell us why you wanted one and tell us what happened. >> i wrote this book out of reaction to what had happened this year as the gun-control laws have spread through the country. obama has pushed these laws. i had just done a gun myself. mario it took me four months and four under and $35 in government fees to get a gun the so can legally take of my home, and our sense to just walk into a gun store, do a background check, and walk out. we have gun crime rising. rape and sexual assault 50%. last year assaults with a gun or a 20%. salvi's undergoing a. and people like me, having trouble getting a gun. these laws are being spread around the country. it won't to begin to reduce crime. >> well, describing little bit what exactly, how it came out and practice and he tried to buy a gun can make you go in to great lengths in the book. he was a sense
Sep 30, 2013 6:00pm EDT
. more details as we get them. new gun- eve of the law,ol law maligns -- lines are forming. generaltate attorney filed a counter argument to claims that the state's new law is unconstitutional. this sets the stage for courtroom showdown on the issue tomorrow. purchase a firearm before new restrictions take effect generated lines into parking lots of some gunshots -- shops. >> we should not have to go through this at all. >> long guns, many that will be banned are flying off the shelves. handguns are as hard to find as ammunition. >> we have sold them faster than we could replace them. as enthusiast stock up, paperwork is riling up downtown bere dueling arguments will heard. the measure bans the sale of 45 types of assault style rifle's and their copycats and limits magazines to 10 rounds and requires fingerprints and a license to buy a handgun. several gun clubs, businesses, and individuals are seeking a temporary restraining order to stop the law from going into effect until the court considers whether to permanently bar enforcement. the oness groups say that are banned are commonly us
Sep 30, 2013 1:00am PDT
of representatives voted to delay president obama's health care law as part of an emergency spending, the president promises to veto, the vote brings the country a step closer to a government shutdown, kelly o'donnell has more. >> reporter: well, good morning, david you might expect there was action since the government was threatening to shut down tomorrow. but that is not happening, congress is on pause, after working until the wee hours they paid their message clear, but the senate tells me they are rejecting that flatly. that comes tomorrow. so today, when the country is waiting for an answer, congress is on hold. here is where we stand, this is what the house has done, they are passing funding to keep the government open and operating but with conditions to delay the president's health care law by a year, and to repeal a medical device tax paid by manufacturers for things like pacemakers or defibrillators, or delay that. also, they do want military paychecks to keep coming. but again, that is the house version where they stand. the senate says no way, the only thing they would consider is simp
Oct 1, 2013 6:00am EDT
introducing the toughest gun laws in the u.s. roosevelt leftwich is live in baltimore, with what this law could mean for you, should someone wish to buy a weapon, the rules change. >> the rules have changed. if you are trying to buy a gun here in maryland, most gun shops are sold out. some sold out last week, many people tried to beat the change in the law. the law did change today to buy a handgun starting today's, buyers will need proof they have been through firearms training, there are restrictions on rifles and magazines have to be limited to 10 rounds instead of 20. the law will keep everyone safer from gun violence, oh opponents say it's an attempt to take guns away from law- abiding people. >> it is systematic approach to disarmament. >> i never have been proud ir to be in maryland until the day this passed. i feel safer knowing my chirp are going to live if a state where the best law in the country for gun violence exists. >> gun sales in the state have been so big, the state police are trying to clear up a backlog of permits that were issued out before the deadline. 35,000 guns
Comedy Central
Sep 30, 2013 11:00pm PDT
. >> the supreme law of the land. the greatest governing document the world has ever known. >> i carry a copy. >> just look at your constitution. which i keep in my pocket. somewhere deep inside my pocket. but i guarantee you it is in here. >> jon: hold on, hold on. i have got -- wait, that is my weed. i got my weed. i got a couple of rubbers here. ah. son of a bitch that's the monitor lizard i use to guard my copy of the constitution. i think i got some band-aids in there, son of a bitch, he bit me again! but you know what? perhaps we can look to the constitution for a solution to this crisis. let me get mine. son of a bitch! >> all right. here we go. all right. so in 2009 congress passed the affordable care act, were they allowed to do that? >> congress may determine the time of -- isn't there a cartoon that explains this? >> yes, i -- if they vote for me on capitol hill, well, then, i am off to the white house, where i wait in a line with a lot of other bills for the president to sign. and if he signs me then i will be a law! >> jon: you know what i just realized, one of those bills i thi
Sep 30, 2013 6:00pm EDT
said that new laws add to disenfranchise minority voters, including a requirement to show early voting, and eliminating the chance to register and vote at the same time. the north carolina governor called the lawsuit government overreach. by nationalnced politics, since the justice department ignored similar laws in other blue states. >> there are limits that disproportionately exclude minority voters, inconsistent with our ideal of the nation. that's in the past two presidential elections, 72% of african-americans passed a ballot for early voting. the department of justice is challenging laws in texas and considering challenges in other southern states. >> coming up at 6:00, i ran's nuclear program dominates the discussion at the white house, as israel's prime minister comes to washington. i'm terry mcauliffe, candidate for governor, and i sponsored this ad. for 30 years i've worked as an obgyn, my job is to protect the health of women. so i'm particularly offended by ken cuccinelli. cuccinelli wants to make all abortion illegal ... ... even in cases of re and incest. ... even to prot
Oct 1, 2013 5:30am EDT
's, a number of laws go in to effect. death penalty is no longer an option. government repealed it making maryland the 18th state to do so. people in the capital sentence maybe executed, on first degree murder is a capital offense in the state. >>> crime in maryland to bully a childs on line. grayson's law, the teen took her life after receiving threats. ray rice and grace's mother were among those who lobbied for the law. >>> synthetic drugs will be classified as controlled substances. the law bans the sale of possession of the chemical components for synthetic marijuana. the products sold in specialty shops and convenient stores. maryland will have the toughest gun laws in the country. opponents are trying to find it. roosevelt leftwich is live with details on the continuing find. >> reporter: fur looking to buy a handgun or rifles in maryland, most of the gun stores we checked with say they are sold out as people rushed to buy the weapons before the law took effect. it took effect today to buy a handgun starting today, buyers need proof they have been through firearms training unless
Oct 1, 2013 5:30pm EDT
. there are brand-new laws. those stories and more coming up for you at 6. >>> all right. we said good-bye to the science guy, bill nye, the second celeb rete of the season to be eliminated. bill and tyne. >> dancing with an gyre is never the right form you a it win "dancing with the stars." bill nye was all but sidelined this week. it want enough. tied for last's, judges scores from this week knocked him out of the competition. >> it's disappoints but almost certainly for the best. >> reporter: brant daugherty took the judge's load with partner murgatroyd. they scored triple nine's are their quick step. >> tonight we were on the map. >> reporter: a point from them, christina milian and partner mark ballas. just a point away, elizabeth berkley and her partner tied with nicole polizzi and sasha farber. >> i was shooting for eight. i was not expecting a nine. triple eights for leah remini and north dallas tony and amber riley and derrick hough. >> the dance of the night was not the cha cha. jack osbourne was in last's and valerie harper. 10 teams remain and they will be back monday night
Sep 30, 2013 5:00pm EDT
is moving forward. that funding is already in place. you cannot shut it down. this is a law that passed both houses of congress, a law that there's my signature, a law that the supreme court upheld as constitutional. a law that voters chose not to repeal last november. a law that is already providing benefits to millions of americans in the form of young people staying on their parents plan until they are 26, seniors getting cheaper prescription drugs, making sure that insurance companies are not imposing lifetime limits when you already have health insurance, providing rebates for consumers when insurance companies are spending too much money on overhead instead of health care. those things are already happening. starting tomorrow tens of millions of americans will be hit health- americans who lived for years in some cases with the fear that one illness could send them into bankruptcy, americans who have been priced out of the market just because they have been sick once, they will finally be able to afford coverage. quality coverage. for the first time in their lives. some of them
Oct 1, 2013 2:30am PDT
's, liver, livelihood, lover or the law. those 4 things. liver, livelihood, lover and law. within those l's is when somebody shows up in my door, someone suffering, a family member suffering who brings somebody in. when it company ms to treat we know there is different types of treatment, there is evidence base treatment. there is good evidence for it, we do it. there is evidence free treatment, there is no evidence whatsoever and there is evidence proof treatment. one of those evidence proof treatment is incarceration treatment. there was an office inspection in general report and eventually matt case became supervisor for it. i have been involved in other places. treatment in custody doesn't work. flash incarceration does not work. as far as the treatment that do work for alcoholism, alcoholism is a chronic disease like diabetes. hypertension and emphysema. when we look at outcomes for chronic disease, a landmark study for the journal medical association in 1999, showed that results for treatments were no worse or better than any other chronic disease model. so treatment of alcoholism
Sep 30, 2013 4:30am EDT
. the lawsuit said north carolina's laws discriminates against minorities. they say they're necessary to prevent voter fraud. >> the retrial of amanda knox and her boyfriend begins in italy. knox will stay in seattle. the two were convicted in 2009 of murdering knox's british roommate. they were each sentenced to more than two decades behind bars. they walked out of prison in 2011, though, after an appeals court overturned those conditions. italy's supreme court ruled a retrial was needed. it said the jury that acquitted them did not consider all of the evidence. >> 4:36 is your time, 55 degrees, and new this morning, raising the stakes in the commonwealth. the effort to bring a new court battle over gay marriage. >> joggers, changes you'll need >> welcome back, everyone. 4:39 on this monday morning and speaking of welcome back. >> i know. who's back, scott? oh, jacqui. great to see ya. >> stop it. it's great to be back. feels so good to be here. and so looking forward to spending the next days with you guys as well as eileen who is here southwest she's not going away, don't worry for all you ei
Sep 30, 2013 11:00pm EDT
the congress. >> reporter: the new health care law isn't directly tied to fubtding the government but is being used as a bargaining chip. and the same people responsible for the government furloughs will get paid as they continue to debate. we asked congressman cummings to respond to that. >> i have no problem with us not getting paid. >> i want to know why they still getting paid. i betterget my money back. >> reporter: and congressman cummings said he signed on to a bill today that requires the government to pay employees. tonight there's also confusion among contractors and if they can use vacation days in case of a shutdown. cheryl connor, abc2news >>> thanks. now, we're still going to get our mail. themilitary will stand guard, but many services will be shut down. the parks will be closed as will fort mchenry. the panda cam at the national zoo will go dark. the national mall will also be closed and it will technically be illegal to walk on the mall. the impending shutdown is getting a mixed reaction from many it is hard to believe, frakly, in a country as successful and powerful as this
Sep 28, 2013 9:45am EDT
annual national book festival on the national mall in washington, d.c., harvard university law professor kenneth mack presents his book, "representing th"representing te creation of the civil rights lawyer." well, thank you. thank you to the library of congress for inviting me, and thank you to all of you for coming. what i would like to do today is talk little bit about the book, a little bit about how i came to write it, and i'll read just a little but also and then we will take questions. so the book. the book is a biographical account of men and women who changed america. men and women who helped transform america from a country that denied basic citizenship rights to a portion of its citizens based on race to the country that we know today that embraces racial equality as one of its core principles. it's a collective biography of a group of african-american civil rights lawyers who practice law during the era of jim crow. lawyers like thurgood marshall and a number of lesser-known figures like los angeles lawyer laura miller, polly murray who has spent some of her career here in was
Sep 30, 2013 3:00pm PDT
's health care law. >> the house will be in order. in fact, disorder mostly prevailed as the hours ticked down. speaker john boehner defended the house which was in session this weekend and blasted senate democrats. >> the house has done its work. we passed a bill on saturday night sent it to the united states senate that would delay obamacare for one year and would delay permanently the million device tax that are costing us tens of thousands of joshes that are being shipped overseas. senate decided not to work yesterday. ooh my goodness if there is such an emergency where are they? >>ifill: the senate returned this afternoon. the chamber's democratic majority leader harry reid says it's time to stop playing political games. >> so our negotiation is over with and i've said that to two weeks. they should pass us here. they are closing down the government. i don't know what in the world is wrong with them. either fictionated on obamacare, it is the law -- fixated on obamacare. we are not going to wait until they pass rcr or otherwise the government is going to shut down. >>ifill: without e
Oct 1, 2013 6:00am EDT
, you can call this number -- new set of laws they go into effect for marylanders. live withey joins us the things you need to avoid doing in your car from now on. good morning. >> good morning. as of today,, you can be pulled over just for using a hand-held cell phone while driving. also for not wearing a seatbelt. passengers in your car can also be fined for not wearing a seatbelt. not wearing a seatbelt is considered a primary offense. it will cost you $75 the first time. the second time the fine is $125. repeat offenders will pay $175 a pop plus court costs. another new traffic law requires all passengers in a car must wear a seatbelt. if not, a fine of $50 each. except in the case of kids under 16, in which case the driver is responsible for the extra fine. aaa says it will make the roads safer. >> you cannot legislate common sense. you cannot legislate good behavior. these are things that are put into place to make you safer and to make other drivers safe as well. we think it's a step in the right direction. >> police are ready and willing to enforce these laws starting today. ki
Sep 29, 2013 8:30am PDT
our streets our parks or vehicle code the way we build offices this year so many laws public safety and others that it compacts so to post this on the get hub and to allow get hub to be our way in which people what navigate to break it down to make t it usedable by other coders it's kind of like sailing we have had to learn with taking was and to have that on the screen in front of us and how we, in fact, our waters is exactly how get hub z is doing it. where your code is able to be found at mayor's office of civic innovation dot get hub dot l o slash open law. i'm excited to see what gets build and shared. and, of course, we're working with the open law project it's guided us to this kickoff. i'm excited to see something that's been to bureaucratic. by the way, i'm a lawyer my background i used to cause a lot of trouble in the city by you used to explain to a lot of bilingual folks in the city what their rights are. when i did the retina strict i had to explain to elderly people who only spoke chinese to help them exercise the law. that's one small example how a whole set of laws c
Oct 4, 2013 3:00pm PDT
was negotiating over a budget congressman. he negotiated over a congressman. it was not a law. you're taking a law, not a budget. >> we balanced the budget within two years. by '97 right up until the terrorist attacks of 2002. so it was a republican -- that's a great example. a republican house and senate dealing with a democrat president. i said i voted to impeach bill clinton and he worked with us. this is a president that won't talk to us. >> you're very knowledgeable. >> he brings people down to the white house and he refuses to negotiate. >> fine. then let me ask you a question. when in the history of this country have we ever had a shutdown over a law? >> we've had shutdowns over a law and spending. >> when? >> i was here in '95. >> that was not over a law. i said over a law. you repeated the question. now answer it. >> how do you think we pass -- >> when have we ever had a shutdown -- when have we ever had a shutdown over a law? >> the issue in '95 just as the issue is today. but it's much, much worse today. the issue is over spending. >> no, the issue was not over a law. this is over a law
FOX News
Sep 30, 2013 8:00pm PDT
minnesota said my mother-in-law is losing her job at the end of the year. she's over 55 years of age. she and my father-in-law cannot afford to live without her job. they have no other option they're going to have to sell the house. this is a reality. that is why i'm fighting with everything within me. we have to defund obama care. we can't let this go into place, everybody is worried about the federal government shutting down? the private economy is slowing down and has been for five years. that is -- where do we think government gets revenue? it's the private economy what we need to worry about is building up the private economy. nobody is crying over the private economy tonight. that is what we should be doing. so people have jobs so that jennifer's mother-in-law didn't have to lose her house. >> greta: that is going to happen now? i realize the plan is only six weeks which i do have a problem with. looking six weeks into the future. >> slow down occurs at midnight. >> greta: shut down tonight but continued resolutions? >> we don't know if that is going to happen. right now they're not
Sep 29, 2013 5:00pm EDT
a decade. fdr had signed the social security act and the fair labor standards act in to law, but the united states still had no national program for addressing the health needs of the people. the 1938 health conference was the beginning of something different. instead of inviting only doctors to speak, the conference for, for the first time, including members of labor unions, farm groups, and civil rights organizations. it included representatives, not just of the medical profession, but of the people who needed and used health care. that corm woman named florence greenberg traveled from chicago, illinois to washington to offer her testimony. greenberg was a member of the women's automobile auxiliary spending her day working in the communities around chicago's steel mills. show told the audience at the national health conference, she had come to offer them a different picture of chicago. just steps away from the comfortable headquarter of the american medical association, was a chicago of dirt, filth, and tenements. a sick chicago, where people struggled with tecialt health conditions relat
Sep 30, 2013 3:00am PDT
the president's health care law by a year, and to repeal a medical device tax paid by manufacturers for things like pacemakers or defibrillators, or delay that. also, they do want military paychecks to keep coming. but again, that is the house version where they stand. the senate says no way, the only thing they would consider is simply keeping the government open, nothing that would affect the health care law. >> so the contest begins, canke o'donnell, i know you will be watching, thank you, joining me this morning, ted cruz, the man in the middle of the fight. so here are the stakes, de-funding, say you and other republicans, the president says no way. the law is moving forward. are you in control? >> at the end of the day every senator has to decide how he or she is going to vote. every representative has decided how they are going to vote. the house last night voted to keep the government open, to fully fund the government, but at the same time the house responded to the millions of americans who are hurting under obama care, and i think the senate needs to do the same thing. >> i looked a
Oct 1, 2013 11:00pm EDT
to fix those problems. >> a federal judge has refused to block maryland's is new gun- control law going into effect. today, gun rights advocates were criticized are waiting until the last and it to file a lawsuit last friday, advocates filed a temporary restraining order to stop the law from going into effect today. the judge also denied a separate request for a 90 day delay implementing the fingerprint license and aspect of the law. they say the fight is not over. >> this is not a ruling on the merits of the arguments. the fat lady has not sung or taken the stage yet. we now have a framework for how we will move forward and how the plaintiff will press their case. >> advocates now plan to seek a permanent injunction to block the law. >> how police are going to enforce the new cell phone and the belt laws. how troopers are targeting drivers who violate the new law. we are joined live in towson area >> state police were generous with a warning today. there is still a lot of confusion about what falls under the held -- hand-held cell phone then. not all hands-free device are created equal
Oct 1, 2013 5:00am EDT
-essential by the government. the beginning of october also brings new gun laws to maryland. they ban 45 so- called "assault- style" weapons... including the ar-15 and ak-47. gun shops saw an extra rush of people trying to pick up the weapons yesterday before the laws went into effect. gun- buying hopefuls have been flooding shops for several weeks now. some gun stores even stayed late last night to process as many applications as they could before the midnight deadline. frank: 15.09.47 "well, it's been progressively picking up the last month, but the past couple weeks have just been--we've really been covered up." ed parsons: 14.51.45 "because of the nes laws coming out, they're saying it's gonna be a year before you can get one." the new laws also have put a strain on state police... they're working 21 hours a day to process all the applications. they're calling the recent spike "unprecendente d." state police say gun applications are funneling in at a rate nearly 10-times that of last year. the new laws require marylanders to give their fingerprints and take special training courses in order to buy a han
Sep 29, 2013 11:00pm EDT
's health care law. is expected to be shot down. we are live on the hill with where we stand tonight will stop may be a shutdown because both sides are digging in their heels. workers are wondering how they will feed their family. making a living if the government's shuts down. if the museum shuts down, she will be hurting. >> i do not know where i can make my money. >> as of right now, things are not looking good. side wayay, it each and the other. -- blamed the other. accepted theot compromise that republicans have reached out to you. >> they are doing it intentionally and the houses not in order. obamacare to delay for one year is the price they are dementing. -- demanding. >> they are not here. this is the old football strategy. when you get to where you want to be in a football game, you run out the clock. >> the clock is ticking. tourists are caught in the middle. >> yeah. >> washington, d.c. it is not nice. i'm really sad. the senate will reconvene less than 10 hours before the midnight that line. housenate could kill the bill and that would set us back to square one. abc 7 ne
Oct 1, 2013 6:30am EDT
really try to get ahead of the new law. the law does go in to effect today to buy a handgun starting today. buyers will need proof they have been through firearms training and have to be finger printed and pay a licensing fee and restrictions on certain types of rifles and magazines for the rifles have to be limited to ten rounds instead of 20. gun sales through the roof oaf the past year. the law will keep everyone safer from gun violence otion. i never been proud er to be a mailed until the day this passed. gun sales in maryland have been so big the state police are trying to clear up enormous backlog of background checks. the number of guns sold in the first nine months are over 35,000. here is how it works, if you are uninsured you have from today through the end of march to choose an enrollment in a health care plan, close to 45 from which to choose. if you choose a plan by december 15th, it will go in to effect at the beginning of the year. the laws in to effect todays if you use your cell phone, its a primary offense. a girl was killed by a truck driver texting his company whi
Search Results 0 to 49 of about 2,143 (some duplicates have been removed)